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What is Buzz the Fuzz?
     Buzz the Fuzz began in 1998, when a group of San Francisco Police Officers organized the first Buzz event in support of children with cancer. Challenging their fellow officers to get involved, all participants were asked to show up at a given date and time to have their heads shaved. Each participant was asked to raise $1,000.00 for the cause.

     Heads were shaved that day and a tradition established. The shaved head continues to be a symbol, a connection with those children who have lost their hair to chemotherapy. the message it sends to children is clear, "We respect your courage and we've come to help."

     May 13th 2005 will mark the fifth "Buzz the Fuzz" event to be held in San Francisco. We're asking our fellow officers, firefighters and emergency services personnel to show up and help us make this year's event the most successful ever. There are many children whose burdens will be lightened as a result of your support and participation. We hope we can count on you to lend a hand.

Event schedule
Friday May 13th 2005

The Head Shave
11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Justin Herman Plaza
#1 Market Street
San Francisco, Ca.

The Baldy Bash
?? - ??.

Back Flip
601 Eddie Street
San Francisco, Ca

Contact Information
Officer Mike Siebert
Buzz the Fuzz
c/o San Francisco Police Officers Association
1388 Haight St., Suite 25 San Francisco, CA 94117
Tax ID #94-3299861

How to get involved
Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Fighters, Emergency Services Personnel
For Buzz the Fuzz brochures, pledge sheets, and press packages, Contact Officer Mike Siebert, San Francisco Police Department 415.242.3046 or Carment Perez, Wish Upon A Star 559.967.3322. Gather sponsors for the event by getting your family, friends, co-workers and local businesses involved. Get your head shaved at the main event and then join us for a fun night at the Baldy Bash. It all happens on May 13th.

Recognition for your agency / department
Your participation will ensure that your agency is recognized in the event program and all subsequent Buzz the Fuzz literature as an honored supporter.

You will receive
an after photo, taken at the head shave. A letter of thanks, together with your photo, will be sent to your agency, explaining your involvement and what was accomplished at Buzz the Fuzz.

Corporations Joing the Corporate Challenge
Your support is critical to our success. Find out how you can become a sponsor or, better yet, donate your money and your hair throught the corporate challenge. Call Buzz the Fuzz at 415.242.3046. Your tax deductible financial support or product donation will receive special thanks in our event program. Best of all you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your support changed the life of a child with cancer.

Who benefits?
California Law Enforcement's Wish Upon A Star
Wish upon a star is a non-profit, law enforcement effort designed to grant the wishes of children who suffer from high-risk and terminal illnesses. It has been helping children for the past 23 years. Many of us at SFPD have been personally involved, seeing first hand the happiness it brings to children. For many wish children, the happiness they experience can be so profound as to actually transcent the illness, providing a time of physical improvement and demonstrating that, given the chance, the human spirit can soar. As for the parents of these children, people who have been under great emotional and financial sress, the opportunity to join with their child in the happiness of this time is a priceless gift in itself. For many parents, these moments become comforting memories.

Childhood Cancer Research
Funds will also be given to UCSF Medical Center in a manner that will directly benefit the pediactric population, enhancing their quality of life during times of hospitilization.

Special Thanks
2003 participants
Albany Police Department
  Lt. Mike Mcquiston
Sgt. Dave Bettencourt
Officer Jose Lara
Detective Chris Willis
Reserve Whitney Smith
Reserve Dan Bickham
Calistoga Police Department
  Officer Jason Maschmeyer
Officer Robert Ewing
Colma Police Department
  Commander Bob Lotti
Sgt. Roger Jordan
Officer William Pon
Officer Michael Pfotenhauer
Officer John Wood
Officer Kirk Stratton
Officer Sherwin Lum
Officer Rick Safaoi
CSO Cindy Jordan
Mayor Pro Tem Ronald Maldonado
Daly City Police Department
  Officer Daniel Hazelton
Marin County Sheriff's Department
  Sgt. Steven Fracolli
Deputy Matthew Bloesch
Sgt. Don Wick
Deputy Joshua Todt
Oakland Police Department
  Sgt. Fred Mestas
San Francisco District Attorney's Ofc.
  Rick Forman, Deputy DA
San Francisco Sheriff's Department
  Deputy Saul Rodriguez
Deputy Jim Mullan
Deputy John Madden
Sr. Deputy Kevin McConnell
San Francisco Police Department
  Officer Guillermo Amigo
Officer Jim Arnswals
Officer Douglas Arnold
Dan Arnold (Douglas' son)
Officer Ron Banta
Officer Marty Banvik
Officer Brian Barron
Officer Aileen Brady
Officer Dave Brandt
Officer Steve Bucy
Sgt. Vince Catanzaro
Sgt. Bud Clinton
Inspector Dan Cole
Sgt. Sally Dehaven
Officer Joe Fisher
Officer Sean Frost
Officer John Glynn
Inspector Eddie Hagan
Officer Frank Hagan
Sgt. Dave hamilton
Officer Stacy Hayes
Officer Jeff Isble
Officer Rich Jones
Officer Joe Juarez
Officer Tim Kiely
Inspector Kim Koltzoff
Officer Joshua Kumli
Officer Eric Lederer
Officer Gordon Low
Officer Kevin Lyons
Officer Kevin Martin
Officer Jim McCroy
Officer Mike Moran
Officer Tony Ng
Inspector Darren Nocetti
Officer Mark Obrochta
Officer Tom O'Connor
Inspector Brian Olcomendy
Officer Rich O'Reilly
Officer Dom Panina
Officer Jesus Pena
Officer Josh Phillips
Capt. David Shinn
Officer victor Silveira
Sgt. Patrick Tobin
Officer Mark Trerweiler
Capt. Michael yalon
Inspector Tadao Yamaguchi
Officer Tim Yee

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