At the age of four, Gina sat down at the piano her family was renting for her older brother's lessons. She began playing songs "by ear" that she sang in kindergarten and in church. Gina's father was quite astonished that she was able to quickly and comfortably musically interpret any song she had heard and wished to play. Her parents agreed that Gina showed both a budding talent and a strong desire to spend hours composing and playing her "own" songs. Soon after, Gina started private lessons and was trained to play classical pieces. Gina enjoyed performing at local churches and for school and social events in her small community. Even though she enjoyed performing songs found in her music books, her real love was sitting down on a quiet evening, and playing music that came so naturally from her soul.

     Gina knew that she was able to connect deeply with her feelings and could translate them into songs that are both deeply contemplative, yet serene and hopeful. Gina's music really is the language of her heart. She has always felt that her music provided a nurturing and safe place in which she could express the complexities of emotions during some of the deepest and most meaningful moments in her life.

     Every original piece you will hear on "From the Heart" is more than just a song... it is a story; not told with words, but through musical artistry - her private journey.

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